And another retaining wall issue

I took pictures of a huge retaining wall (two years ago) that was obviously failing. They simply parge coated the failing openings (cavities) of this wall with fresh mortar and I guess they thought that they performed a fantastic repair.

Take a look at this awesome patch job two years ago…
This is one end…

This is the other end…

They should have paid professionals to tear this entire wall down and start over, but they saved themselves some big money with a simple cover up.

Well wouldn’t ya know. Two years later and this huge wall is still moving…

Does anyone want to guess the fall date?

Dave, whats the white stuff on the ground:D

Mother nature gives this to us in the winter months.
It’s something you never have to deal with you lucky bastard.

There’s a magic that folks believe in. That somehow if they ignore a problem it will heal itself. Nobody believes things will ever fail until they do. Then they look for somebody to blame.

Pretty clear that who ever filled those cracks in the retaining wall(I hate to call it a repair) either had no idea of the physics and forces involved or just did not care.

Can’t you just hear someone saying “It only a little dirt, that’ll hold it”