Some engineers and HI's problems are they don't SEE the exterior of these basement walls enough or at all

sheesh tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrred of the nonsense, the lame bs, incompetence on this subject

Let’s see, Jade here does a nice job explaining the crooks in this business, many foundation repair contractor salesman and interior basement drainage morons/owners who do NOT have a clue, don’t have REAL EXPERIENCE on this subject nor honesty

Where Bubba disagress is the last paragraph! shttt

I’ve seen quite a few engineers recommendations for bowed in walls n leaky basements that never addressed fixing/repairing any of the exterior cracks in these basement walls and didn’t address removing/reducing any exterior lateral soil pressure n tree roots = imo more lame incompetent crap man!

Story example right here

So Jade, always call n hire an engineer? Just saying, shtt, part of the problem is quite a few have rarely if ever SEEN the exterior of many basement walls so they rarely if ever SEE the damn exterior cracks, deteriorated blocks n bricks n underground roots against walls etc VERSUS some of us who’ve repeatedly seen this for DECADES!!! smgdh

The above link on engineer… there’s plenty of stupid crap there but…
“The engineer told them it was NOT necessary to remove drywall to do any further inspection”

YES, it is sometimes NECESSARY to remove some drywall, morons!

Then article goes, “The engineer recommended that the SLOPE around the foundation be RE–GRADED over the next few years” !!!

Typical weak, incompetent crap!!!

Bowed in block and brick basement walls have EXTERIOR CRACKS… morons!!!

And recommending to re—grade or install an interior drainage system and wall anchors etc does NOT fix, waterproof any exterior cracks and does not remove, reduce any exterior pressure against these walls.

Do guarantees come with these recomemndations, huh? Anyone can make claims/recomendations to homeowners but how about backing up your words, some of us have done that for decades, pft!

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Well said Mark!

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Keep bringin’ it! Valuable content.

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Yep, keep bringing it, Mark. :+1:

thank you gent’s appreciate your words

how about this family, went through a TON of crap all because another interior drainage system company

–some of the homeowner’s written highlights include…

  1. the company’s worthless bogus free inspection was really meant to scare us out of doing what really needed to be done (exterior waterproofing)

  2. their come-on was slickly delivered by a so-called senior inspector who used a combination of mis-information, false promises and high pressure tactics

  3. i bought the wrong solution based on their representations… one of their bogus representations was the dumb azz ‘clay bowl effect’

  4. so i got a useless, worthless ‘interior water management system’

  5. what was needed was exterior waterproofing

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by the way, they charged 'em $18,000 and this was around 10 years ago

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