Android Wind Mitigation App

If you’re interesting in helping test out the beta version let me know. I want to get this tested and into the app store this week. If you’d like to help find any bugs so I can squash them just respond here with your email address!

also like to help in the future with a ipad app.

Me too, thanks Dom this is the email I use for posting in the wild on the internet. Keeps the spam down :slight_smile:

I will but I have a Iphone

You need an Android phone for now. iPhone version is in development.

Be glad to give it a try…



Send to me I will try on two tablets and several phones.


I sent it to you this morning :wink:

oh …it,

I have been working on the wind mit class and working.

I will take a look tomorrow

Hello Dominic,

Yes, I’d very much like to try it.

As you know, we use HIP for our Home Inspections, and a Windows tablet for all our Wind Mits. I would really like to switch to a smaller more portable android program and tablet.

Love to try it out. Was just looking for something for my Bionic before I go out and buy a tablet.

chuck lambert