HIP Wind Mitigation Released!

Posted on Google Play now!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.homeinspectorpro.windmit Check it out.

Everyone has 3 months free to try it out while any kinks are worked out. Though I expect any to be worked out within a week as long as guys give good feedback. We already have inspectors using it on their real inspections. Please make sure to post feedback on http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/inde...c=4208.new#new or email us at help@homeinspectorpro.com.

The iPhone/iPad version is almost done we’re just waiting for Apple to approve it. Unfortunately this can take a few weeks Apple is SLOOOOW.

Not found on the server…

Found it here:

Thanks Eric, I updated the first link. I need to remember to be careful when posting from other areas of the message boards.

That is quite a neat little app!

I’ll still do it on my laptop as it took me 25 minutes to do one on the phone!
Just a quick question, where do the reports go and how do you retrieve them? I did one, sent it, and don’t know where it is!

Eric, wasn’t a good portion of that time spent setting up your inspector info & signatures which you only need to do the one time?

For many a tablet might be easier as it’s larger and will require less scrolling. The new Google Nexus 7" tablet is only $199!

No, because I used the speak app on my Atrix2 so that only took five minutes.
I can do the report on my laptop, connect it to my phone and email it out or just e mail it using wireless or a wireless hotspot on the phone.

For those that do stand alone wms, I can see doing it on the phone. I do few and when I do, I’ll either do them on the laptop, and on the new laptop, it is much easier as it syncs with my desktop, or wait until I get back to the office.

It is a good app though!

Hi Guys,

Apple approved an expedited request to approve our app on the app store (so it took a lot less than the normal 3-4 weeks).

HIP Inspector Wind Mitigation for iPhone & iPad has been released (Android version was released last week)! Try it out for free for the next 3 months by signing up for the cloud service on our site. We are also working with ISN (inspectionsupport.net) on doing a full integration with the app & ISN to make scheduling and report management a breeze. https://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/hip-inspector-wind-mitigation/id570835458?mt=8 . :mrgreen: