Need Android Testers for Wind Mitigation App

If you’d like to test out the Android version of our Wind Mitigation App please let me know and I will email it to you (so post your email here). I don’t want to post it on Google Play for a few more days.

To discuss issues with the app (which I encourage!), post here:

iPhone app will be out shortly. It takes awhile for Apple to approve an app and I can’t just email it out like I can with the Android version.

I would like to try it very much.

Thanks Dominic…

Sent. Make sure you click on Options=>Settings and enter in your username & password. Register on our site as a free forum user if you don’t have one.


Don’t go by.
I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

It works really well!

I’d love to try it:

Thanks John! There’s still a few things I want/need to get done on it which I’ve listed on the thread on our message boards (in case anyone wants to look it over).

I’m all caught up on sending out the version to the testers. Let me know if anyone else wants to test it out.

I’m game,

Thank you!


When you start testing for the iPhone app I’ll test that one Dom. I’m using the iPhone again for a bit. Thanks.




I would entertain Beta Testing your I-Pad applications for home inspections and insurance inspections as well. Thank you in advance.

Thanks Dom