Angie's list $49 foundation inspection (value $500 lol) by an interior system company

Yeah ok sure right, an honest experienced in-depth foundation inspection that isn’t one–sided in any way, eh? Nonsense!!!

Costs $49 huh? And it’s supposedly a $500 VALUE? Really?
hahahahaa!! Nonsense!!

Eh, McEwen, Capizzo, myself etc have been giving free inspections for 30++years!!!

So tired of the marketing trash, garbage, lies, misrepresentations etc by these moron interior basement system noodle-brains.

This company in Michigan, USED to be called… Midwest waterproofing, onwers last name ‘Lustig’… if you don’t believe me then go to the better biz bureau and check this company owner and then check Midwest owner.

S c am, scam scam scam scam.

Angie doesn’t bother to do the homeowner necessary to see, know, in this business, who the chump-scams are who will prey on, lie to, homeowners. As usual, it’s all about the MONEY.

Just a ‘for instance’… Lustig, restitution and fine

Or this you may not like the site, oh well

“Which means… peanut of the night”.

Why would you give free inspections?

an even better question is why would anyone do a competent foundation inspection for only $49.00?

I think when you do free inspections your diminishing your worth.
The $49 guys give you an inspection that has no value beyond selling you their service, if you do them for free your offering even less value in the eyes of the consumer. I think free estimates is a bad idea.

Here in the Twin Cities many service providers charge for estimates, many don’t but most plumbers and HVAC guys I know do not drive out for free. Why would a basement company that is honest and capable do free estimates?

Free estimates, free inspections in THIS business, has always been the norm hence the $49 — $500 supposed value, this is nonsense…in this business. Not talking about HOME inspections or home inspectors.

Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic etc waterproofing/Midwest, its just another ploy, a supposed sweet-sounding scheme to… get–in–the–door in order to try and sell them an interior basement system. On some of these free or $49 etc foundation inspections they will take a hammer and tap the basement floor and say, tell the homeowner, ‘Oh, that’s hollow under there and you need an interior system’

They’ll either try and make something seem bad out of nothing (there’s nothing wrong). Or very often, they’ll tell homeowners the ONLY reason they get water along the bottom of basement wall and floor is because of some supposed-hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor.

Main point here is, they just want to get in your house, a chance to bs the homeowner. Whether they first ‘get to’ homeowners by using/mailing these or by calling them on the phone or going door TA door or having G Sullivan or G Haege recommend them on their home improvement radio shows or having Angie’s list ads, they want that chance to get in your home and then they figure they can bs enough homeowners from there.

Yes Paul, there have been times when I wish most of us did charge to come out such as, when some realtors call and want an estimate on a house that is 50 miles away and…then don’t show or, call and say they’re going to be 45 minutes late… grrrrrrrrr. You/others can go ahead and say and think I/we supposedly diminish our worth, that’s fine and I hear/know what you mean. But those who know me or get to know me (on an estimate or whatever) know I’m a straight-shooter, don’t lie about any homeowners problems or solutions and most find out we fix/waterproof their problems for…a lot less than they thought, a lot less than they were told by others/friend/family mem etc and, a lot less than most of these interior-twits, yes sir.

Oh, one more thing lol, for those homeowners who have a finished basement and actually believe and call Bozo’s who have Angie’s list ads for $49 or $949 foundation inspections, eh, how the heck can anyone give any homeowner an honest ‘in–depth’ foundation assessment/inspection when one can’t even SEE their basement walls? Nope, it’s bs as I said and know, period. And Angie’s list certainly isn’t helping homeowners by allowing these kinds of supposed-wonderful ads on their site, morons. They just want that chance to get inside your house to bs you and Angie’s list wants to help-them because they also want more $$$$$$$$$$$

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