Family swindled by home flipper

Will assume this isn’t some sort of scam (never know these days), got milk?

Chad Karol… you out there? :wink:

Ok so, if you click duh link, there’s a you-tube video showing water in basement, showing at least 2 cracks that were previously INJECTED on the inside ](*,)#-o

Also in duh link. there are supposedly a few estimates from contractors, see um? :-k

And supposedly, loool, 1 or more walls are ‘failing, leaning inward’.
In video and photos, I do not see EVIDENCE of 1 or more walls 'leaning inwards… not saying 1 or more aren’t, just that don’t see this in video.

IF if IF if… 1 or more walls have bowed in/failed then… for instance,
the U S Waterproofing estimate aka supposed solution is to install an interior system, a FOREVER FLOOR DRAIN TILE SYSTEM lolololoool, and some carbon fiber strips etc on the INSIDE. ](,)](,)](*,)

Well duuuuuh, that would NOT relieve, remove, reduce ANY exterior weight/pressure against any basement wall!!! Hello!
Many companies pull this incompetent shtt all the time.

Oh, and duh ummm, U S Waterproofing wants $37,000 for this.

Eh Chad, if your out there, let me ask please, how bad is 1 or more of your walls?

And ya see the COST of other estimates? :mrgreen:
$107,000??? looooool

On that estimate, don’t see anything about waterproofing the exterior of walls and ummm, don’t see anything about hauling all clay/soil away and nothing about backfilling with all gravel!@!@!!!@@!! ](,)](,)](*,)

Sheesh man, one would TINK for THAT amount of cash they could at least waterproof the exterior walls and umm backfill with gravel.
Says, 9… COMPACT backfill and grade.

Why would any competent mfr :wink: backfill the SAME SOIL against a SUPPOSEDLY FAILING foundation wall???

Example of a homeowner who hired an INTERIOR system company and spent $15,000++ and still has… a leaky basement and some cracks widening and failing basement wall and more mold and efflorescence on basement walls, blocks.
LOOK at the photos!!! Just put all the dumb azz shtt you’ve heard about aside for a g dang minute and LOOK at the photos in the stupid azz link!

Am trying, loooooooooooooooool, to explain, show some who do not GET IT, that amongst other bullllshttt, pretty much all interior basement system companies do not know, or give a shtt, about why most walls bow in/fail/leak and are not going to DO anything on relieving/lessening any exterior weight aka pressure, against your stupid basement wall!

If you homeowners think you can trust most of these interior basement system companies, your crazy. WHY do you trust them? Huh??? Because they run advertisements on the stupid TV, radio? Huh??? Or because some like Sullivan or Haege highly recommend them? Jesus people, most of ya’s are getting scammed, lied to, etc.

Yeah, a you tube video, if you have a brain, watch it!!!
DAMAGED basement… another interior basement system company

Another interior system installed, $$$$$$$, another example of an incompetent, scamball company who told homeowner all they needed was an interior system… WRONG!!

Oh, and for those turds who tell homeowners all they need to do is raise and slope the grade and extend the downspout extenions 99 miles away from the house, you peeps are almost as fkd up as the inside system az ho’s, yep. Wait on it, wait…wait…suck it.

I don’t know what to say.

This is how I look at it:
People are brain washed into believing that cheaper is better “Walmart Pricing”. Ignorance of how things really work and laziness in educating ones self, $1500.00 vs $5000.00 hmm we will go with the cheap guy because I am brain washed and I believe that I am getting a deal / not why is the price so different honey we better learn some more and investigate it doesn’t seem right. Or People don’t understand how systems really work and just see the price not knowing what the real difference in the 2 company’s, what one company is going to do vs the other company. They don’t understand “Short cuts are just that, something that will last a short time”. Education !!! Short cuts and Cheaper is not always better!!!

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Nothing to say/Jethro Tull

How ya doing Mr. Ramm :wink:

Here’s a former home inspector, now a wet basement consultant

Well, he gets an ‘A’ for realizing aftermarket waterproofing systems, aka inside basement systems, suck, are a rip, etc.

He lists several MYTHS about wet basements on page 1 and 2, some are…

…basements can be waterproofed by applying paint etc on the inside walls

…raising the grade around the house will dry up the basement

…water coming up through the floor means a high water table

…bad weeping tiles are a major cause of basement seepage

He is pretty much right on these. The INSIDE SYSTEM, aftermarket companies, use these myths, often tell homeowners this bullshtt in order to sell them their stupid inside system.
(First post, if you watch the first you tube video, you’ll see that inside system company started applying a black membrane on the inside walls and then that couple realized they were getting fkd)

These interior companies and all their little butt-buddies OFTEN tell homeowners lots of crap/lies about supposed BAD drain tiles and THAT is why they leak/seep.

On page 2, the one i disagree with is, where he says… fixing a crack in the wall will keep water out of the basement.

IF if IF a homeowner only has 1 or 2 (whatever) cracks in their wall(s) and they have them fixed/waterproofed and backfilled correctly on the OUTSIDE then, shtt, sure, damn right… fixing those cracks WILL keep water out of duh basement,…dang skippy. (he may mean doing it on the inside)
Example… fixing/waterproofing a crack on the outside…WILL keep water out of the stupid basement
Yep, sure as a pile of steaming dog shtt, fixing/waterproofing a crack in a basement wall will keep water out.

B Dry and some other inside system turd company tried telling these homeowners they ONLY needed an interior basement system…
IF the homeowners had believed and hired the inside system TURDS then
A) they would have paid MORE for it
B) they would still have water entering their crawlspace and the wall and blocks would have got worse beeeeeecause, most human BEANS with common sense can see, doing anything on the inside would NOT have fixed/waterproofed the exterior problems…but MANY homeowners continue to hire these LYING, NEGLIGENT inside system companies.

Outstandingly done, A Whiter Shade of Pale/Procol Harum live in Denmark …we skipped duh light fandango, Bubba was feelin kind of seasick…she said there is no reason, and the TRUTH is plain TA see

A blind, crippled Vietnam vet who stepped on a land mine in '72, got milk? …praise Jesus!

Hi John

Don’t worry I was agreeing with you on the interior B.S. I was saying that people are not informed, educated etc. or just want a deal. Some people only see this interior fix on TV and don’t know how it should really be fixed. People need to be educated and maybe someone should advertize on TV the proper way. People will not know whats wrong if they don’t know whats right. Just say-en.

That’s how I took it

Hear you Mr. Ramm.

As for advertising on Tv, $$$$, don’t have it :mrgreen:

All one will see on Turd-Tv is shtt from inside systems az hos as they have the cash to put their crap on the dang thing.

Yep, they lie and rip people off and do, looool, more and more advertising and rip even more off.

They have their little biacth az ‘yes’ friends in the media who help them, like Haege and Sullivan and some of these inside system owners are even on some Better Business Bureau boards or are some BBB’s chairman, its all about bullshtting homeowners.
Here’s Roy and duh BBB…
In part says (the bullshtt), Early in my working career, I worked for companies I was thoroughly disgusted with their shoddy approach and ethics… loool … I knew there was an opportunity for a company that did the job the RIGHT way…LOOOOOlolooooooooooooollllllllll

Yeah sure, shtt Roy, whatever you say must be true.

Yep just like politicians but that is another story and I don’t want to even get into that.:roll::roll:

the really sad fact is that it is often cheaper to fix it right from the outside and stop the real problem instead of just pumping water from place to place…had one a while back…inside…lifetime warranty, just keep adding pumps for the new intrusions…day i was there they had just installed the 3rd sump and pump …pumps ringing off like church bells pumping water from one crock to the next…my advice…call a real plumber to seperate all these pumps and actually get some of this water outside and then call a foundation contractor to start digging and actually fix the problem…but what do i know…

How true and that holds with everything;-)