Listen to the homeowners, INT system chumps told them $17,000

they only leaked in this one area, so why try n bllllllllllllllllllllllllllSHTT them into unnecessary work? Oh, MONEY! Oh lol

In beginning i sound like a terd myself repeating a couple of their comments but wasn’t sure their voices would be heard

when we did the job, there were multiple BIG azz exterior cracks in foundation walls in this area which is where the water was entering, contrary to what the interior basement drainage screwballs tell people

and it wont fix a thing…

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you know it Jim, hey you still doing some inspections or did you hang it all up? If you hang it all up you may have too much extra time on your hands n could cause you to increase alcohol consumption, just saying.

$17,000 and it won’t fix the leak or do what you do, fix the water intrusion.

I’ve slowed a bit but still working Partner., in fact I have one tomorrow and the buyer already informed me it has an interior system with carbon strips…They still hired me after I told Her how I felt about that…no sense lying about it…

hahahaa, very good Jim, good man!