Another big convention coming to Ontario in 2009.

Details coming soon.

Is this similar to one planned in Vegas?

Similar to last year’s huge international convention

hey whats with the teesing…

I met with the CanNACHI guys today at NACHI.TV Studios. We shot 2 shows. CanNACHI is hosting it.

Sign me up!

You’re a speaker Joe.

Sounds like this one will be better than the one we had this past summer.:cool:

Do you know what month?

This sounds fantastic.
When this gels, post the date so we can book some time for it.
This time I will have several of our guys there.
because it is worth it!


You had one of your guys there the last time! Maybe this time you can stick around long enough to buy me a beer!:wink:

Merry Christmas my friend!

WE know how to buy our friends a beer…

Give the time/date as soon as practical.

I knew it
Canada = Buy me a beer ah

You have to actually be able to “stand” in the beer line.
Crawling does not count (and someone may step on your fingers)

We ***WILL ***be there!

Got this from a tourism website:

On June 1, 2009, a new American law known as the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) will require U.S. citizens 16 years of age or over who re-enter the United States by land and sea to have a passport or other appropriate secure document like a NEXUS card.
Until this date arrives, U.S. citizens 19 years and older who enter the U.S. at land and sea ports of entry from within the Western Hemisphere will need to present government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license as proof of identity, along with proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or naturalization certificate, or a passport. Children age 18 and under will be able to enter with proof of citizenship. Verbal claims of citizenship and identity alone will not be sufficient to establish identity and citizenship for entry into the United States.

If you are coming from the US I think a passport would be the way to go. No questions asked then. Not like the southern boarder where you can just shoot your way in

Check the regs about bringing guns across the border. Have been cases of average law abiding US citizens/tourists having guns seized at our border!!

True. No pistols and long guns need to be (I think) disassembled and registered and brought out when you leave. Very tough regulations.

No hand guns i believe is the rule Special permits for long guns. Just wonder if anyone needs to be armed going to a meeting in Ontario. Beer lines that tough?