Looks like NACHI's Convention is going to be better than free!

$99 is already an awesome price for the competitive edge attendees of www.nachi.org/convention2007.htm are going to come away with… but it looks like it just got better. Certain exhibitors are offering gift certificates to EVERY attendee. The sum of these has just topped the $99 entrance fee, making everything you get and learn and enjoy at the convention essentially free.

We just have to love NACHI and all the great members .

WOW! what a good reward thanks to all the exhibitors .

I will be there with a pocket full of money to try and help them have a successfully Toronto convention
Roy Cooke

Roy, there is no need to buy anything… these are gift certificates, not discount coupons. The cost of the convention to attendees is now a negative -$65 and falling.

Well I have booked my room just need to sort out a flight. I am looking forward to doing my part in helping British-Canadian diplomatic relationships.

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WOW!!! This is great , I guess I had better appologize to everyone about thinking I was over charged! I’m “SORRY” and I will never doubt NACHI again.

Fred when I joined NACHI about 4 years ago I was used to how to the other Canadian Association was run and felt like you this is not right .
I could not believe what I am hearing and seeing .
I soon was convinced how great a group this is help from all and courses at sensible prices Many times free.
I sure can see why NACHI has gone from Nothing in Canada to the top of the heap.
I expect this Toronto Conference is going to surprise a lot of people .
On the prime Speaker BB they are asking the members to stay away .
They are afraid by others comming it will add credence to NACHI .
Well those if any who stay away will be the losers .
Many from the other association found out when the took the Mould course.
Courses run by the other association cost many dollars and where never as informative as the PRO-LAB.
The other toronto conferences are smaller and cost considerably more and do not run as long.
Look for me and Char we will be at the show I will have a bright shirt as per usual.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Whoever said that over on the other BB needs to wake up and smell the coffee… one scroll through www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm will make him realize how silly it is to think he can either add or subtract any credence to us. Kind of like a little row boat thinking its wake can affect a battleship.

All our meetings have always been open to all. And any nut that thinks his business, which he uses to feed his family, is better enhanced by not attending the inspection event of the century which is taking place in his own backyard, while his direct competitors are there. probably isn’t too sharp of a businessman. The competitive advantages his competitors will take away from attending can be used to take away his market share afterwards.

With all the SCAMS and such in the world and on the internet it was only natural for ME a loly country boy from Ontario to be very leerie about all sorts of internet stuff and so-called orginazations

Just registered!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

negative -$85 and getting better!


You da man!

Eat, drink and think Nachi, be happy! :slight_smile:

And still it goes on ,It is obvious they have complete Lack of Confidence in them selves and their association so they feel the only thing is to Attack NACHI and those NACHI Canadian Members who support NACHI and all it does for all Home Inspectors inside and out side NACHI.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Great, keep going ! another couple of hundred and I will be able to afford the flight out there !

Hope it is a success.


The flight from where?


Jason is that Bolton and Caladon Ontario?

A little bit west of there…


So is it Caledon? Or is it BC Bolton and Caledon? :stuck_out_tongue:


4000 km west :slight_smile: