Another CAHPI / OAHI inspector loses in court to a home buying consumer.

He should have participated in and there would be no damages for the consumer to suffer.


Thanks Nick.
You beat me to it.
I was going to post this article this morning but rushed out to work.

Read the article.
One hour inspection. Hmmm!

That being said, Ontario homes, the implications of this case combined with higher interests rates should have your phones ringing.

This from paragraph three:

I think CAHPI and OAHI inspectors should not be allowed to offer inspection services to consumers.

That’s interesting since they say exactly the same about anything InterNACHI.

They will obviously have some material to discuss during their upcoming conference…

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I would say CAPHI, OAHI and AIBQ…

Pat, unfortunately you are correct.
I hope, you guys are pushing NACHI’s education and CMI grandfathereing in Alberta front and center.

It seems everytime licensing comes around much disdain is aimed at NACHI by all other associations or groups.
Too bad.
So sad.

But evidence is required. Not verbal facts or proof, ha ha ha.

What you see is evidence and it happens showing CAPHI, the use to be biggest, is very fallible. Scottsdale in BC is another great example.

But I think any one hour inspection is too little.
In the summer I am just getting off the lot, just finishing the garage, and likely starting the utility room. That may take 30 plus minutes.

When will Buy Back become a regular (optional) benefit of NACHI Membership?

The minute I saw 1 hour for an inspection I knew he was in trouble. I can’t do a small condo in an hour and do it right. Also, was surprised he verbally pointed out the floor issue but did not think it was important enough to put in his report.

When will Buy Back become a regular (optional) benefit of InterNACHI Membership? That’s what it is no. It’s available to all members.

There is no way a home inspector, nowadays, should ever see the inside of a courtroom.

I have done inspections that take about 1 hour. That’s a war-time house of about 800 square feet. 2 bedroom, bath kitchen & living space, built of prefab construction on a crawl space. Typical real small starter home. No air, and basic central space heater.

So there are a few out there. But I must agree the average home was typically about 2 hours of inspection time, and about 1/2 hour for report time.

ISS Reporting System?

Thanks for the plug, but I’m trying to decipher your post.
Yes, using that report system (if that was your intent) -the old paper-based system. I tend to fill it out as I inspect as a point of reference.

Thanks Claude. I attempted to fill it out while inspecting but did not work for me.

I take extensive notes then fill out the report in my vehicle. I must admit, I have extensive additions for my personal comments page at the end of each section.

Works for me and I get real good feed back from my clients.

I like the ISS system, have used it from the beginning and will continue to do so.

Thanks for your continued input, it is very professional, polished and as stated previously, very patient!

…unless he is inspecting it.