Another day in Paradise

My day started with this thermostat lock.

Then on the second inspection I pulled my extend and climb ladder up an a tile parapet to access the second story roof( second picture on left near big window), big mistake. The ladder started slipping toward the edge jus as I reached the second story. The look of fear in the realtors, and buyers eyes as I fell was creepy. I broke two tiles. Then to top it off the condensing unit was vandalised.


Ouch, did you break anything on you?

No but the look of fear in the onlookers did give me a bit of a start.

Skinded leg is all, and a good reason to review ladder safety.

Did you get a pic. of the realtor on the way down?


No Chris, I was clinging to the 2" stucco window ledge and the tile roof trying to slow my decent. :shock:

But they all said they were figuring out how to get me to the ER. :frowning:

The realtor mentioned afterwards that we could not use her car as it was just detailed. :twisted:

What a thoughtful agent.

I’m glad you’re able to be with us tonight.

We’re running kinda low on the adventurous sane inspectors. :mrgreen:

P.S. Watch your butt tomorrow. :shock:

This is one of the better parts of the story.

On the way there I was smoking a cigarette and had the windows down. It was hot and I got half way through the smoke and pinched the end off and put it in the center console for later. A few minutes later I heard a hissing sound, it turns I did not put the smoke completely out and had set it on my lighter, which had melted through. I picked the lit smoke up and through the hissing lighter out the window.

I should have turned around right then and there.


A parapet wall is a wall above a flat roof, usually a fire code for commercial buildings, but decorative in nature for a residential home, when you told me about this yesterday I was wondering how in the hell you could of had a ladder slip from a flat roof----:cool:

There are no Parapet Walls in your photos—:twisted:

Ladders are safe. :wink:

Time for a user review! :smiley:

Brian, do not ride your bike today! Glad you’re O.K.

All roofs look flat, when viewed while laying on back!


What a day. Be careful out there. Slow down a bit.

Then he might be in reverse!

Sorry BK! :smiley:


Thats why I use a fiberglass 28 foot hook ladder.

Since my accident, I screw all my ladders right to the deck.

Brian,… WOW. You know if I was there I would have made sure you were off the roof,… OK mentally and physically,… then I would have laughed my A$$ off,… lol Thats what friends do! lol

A good friend holds your head when you get hurt,… Your best friend takes a video of it, posts it on the Internet for everyone to laugh at later. :mrgreen:

We love you man, I’m glad your OK Bro! Really! BE CAREFUL Out there!!!

I don’t have appropriate life and AD&D insurance to use more than a 12½ foot ladder placed on solid ground. Consequently, I don’t. I’m glad you’re okay, though.

Glad you’re okay, Brian. Haven’t had a ladder slip on me, yet (knock on wooden head). You’re not the only one that had a ****ty Monday. I think I’ll just take next Monday off!

A letter opener will lift the thermostat lid and let you press the buttons you need to adjust that locked thermostat.

David, a ladder has an appropriate receptacle and a deck. Where do I get a ladder like that?:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I gotta get outta here and go to work. Y’all have a great and wonderful day.