New construction walk thru

Got a call from last weeks new cons. inspection doing her walk thru she said the builder wants to talk to you. I said OK, first thing out of this guys mouth is who let you on the job, how did you get in. I guess his office does not talk to him because I had to send them a G/L cert. Anyway I call my client back a couple of hours later and we talk about some of the issues from the report. Regarding nail pops on the roof, tells my client that he will go up and step on them to drive them back in. Picture one, no gaskets on any of the fixture, the builders comment was, we did not use them on the model so we don’t use them here. When asked about the vinyl to stucco joint, picture 2 & 3 he claimed that there was flashing installed(yeah tube o-flashing) Plus 2000 sq.ft. of attic with 2 - 4’ off ridge vents and the builder says we got plenty of ventilation not to worry. Next week should prove to be interesting as I have a reinspect after the builder gets done with whatever.

Stucco over block?


Is there backer rod and sealant joint between the stucco and windows?

Are the sills of the windows sloped or flat?

You have got to be kidding right, I might if I am lucky (1in 20) get to see a proper caulk joint on stucco/windows, around here the stucco is cracked before they can get the job trailer off the lot. When I talk about hour glasses everyones eyes just kinda glaze over.:smiley:

Hope all is well


Are the cracks on block lines or spider web??

Sounds like they have a tail light warranty!

was referring to the window to stucco joint being cracked. Most around here just pack stucco in the joint no caulk.

Most window mfgrs. call for the joint or the window is not installed properly and it voids the warranty.

So does ASTM for the stucco.

When things are not installed to the specs and the homeowner calls the insurance company with a claim they are up the creek without a paddle!

What brand of windows?

There should have been a sticker on them from the factory with the installation guide.

When they stucco the sills they do not cover up the drain holes in the windows do they?