Another Federal Pacific Panel Question

I pointed out a FP panel and added a link in the report for my client to refer to. The sellers agent just called and said the FP panel issues only date back to the 70’s. My question is: Don’t these FP issues date back to the opening of the FP manufacturing, I think in the 1950’s? If so where can I verify this exactly to prove it. I realize it does not have to be replaced if an electrician says it’s okay. I just pointed it out and supplied the link. Can someone clear this up for me?

Thanks in advance By the way, this link was not exactly clear to me as to when the electrical issues started. Maybe I missed something?

I’m not an electrician nor can I date that exact age of a panel so I recommend the electrician. They were built for 30 years ask the agent to show you where he found that info.

I like to send clients to this site because it is client friendly. It does mention the years FPE was around, but your Realtor sounds like he is pulling information out of his butt. Like Robert said, they were made for 30 years, it sounds like your Realtor is incorrectly applying that 30 number.

The site you are linking to clearly states that Stab-lok breakers started in the 50’s. It’s at the bottom of the page.

50’s panel is ready for an update anyway.

First off - the agent is wrong. Second, I believe it’s misleading to send your client(s) to any of those websites unless you find clear evidence that there is an existing issue with the panel - kinda like showing a picture of a road-kill to someone that’s thinking of walking across the street.

There is no “date” where the bad breakers can be isolated, but it is isolated to the Stab-Lok brand. The problems exist in breakers manufactured from the 50’s all the way into the late 80’s until production stopped in the US.

FWIW - The Stab-Lok components are still manufactured and used in new construction in Canada under (I believe) Schneider.