Federal Electric electrical panels

I did an inspection today on a home that had a Federal electric panel. At first glance it looked like a Federal Pacific Panel and had similar looking breakers. It did not say Federal Pacific nor did it say stab loc.

In researching it I found that Federal Electric was purchased by Federal Pacific in 1952 but this home was built in 1951. Do these panels suffer from the same problems as the Federal Pacific panels?

A picture would help. The problems are associated only with the Stab-lok systems.

I think you answered my question Jeffery. This did not look like the stab-loc and I could not find that listed on the panel. Here is a photo though.

This is one of the original Stab-lok designs. It pre-dates the breakers that wouldn’t trip, but it has the same key-holed bus bars and breaker-pins that are responsible for poor connections and loose breakers.

Thanks for your help.