Federal Pacific Main Panel...Question

Are these a problem panel ?

This Main panel is installed in a Mobile Home built in 1972.

Its a 100 amp and I didnt observe any defects…

I say yes, but there are others here who will say no.
If you took the cover off, you’re fairly lucky that at least one of the breakers didn’t fall out.
Some people have observed problems with the breakers failing to trip in overcurrent situations.

I know there’s verbage available on the forum that others use, if you do a search for “Stab-Lok” you’ll find it.


Dan Freeman’s site has some great info… and for other topics too. His site has been around for a long time.

Take a look.

thanks…I will check the website

I forewarn each client that, when they follow my advice and have an electrician come out to replace the box, they can expect one of two responses from them. One electrician will say “It has been here for 40 years without a problem and seems to be working fine” and suggest that you not change it. Another electrician will tell you of all the troubles there were with these type of breakers when they were new…and at forty years old…the chances are even greater of something going bad with them.

In either case, while I am not a licensed electrician, I have been contracted by you to advise you as to the conditions of the systems within this home and I would be remiss not to mention the history of trouble with this electrical service panel. If you do not replace it, at the minimum…place a smoke detector a foot above it on the same wall.

You’re welcome. Your “radar” was working there.

Peruse around the inspectapedia site, there’s a wealth of info like that of the FPE panels. Zinsco is another you’ll find a fair amount of in CA.

abspipes.com is another one since your in Cali

The first pic on the website you posted should more than seal the deal on his report. Just put that in there. Just add the link, the buyer should be able to figure out the rest.


Unequivocal “yes” in my neck of the woods.


Dan’s site is one of the greats… chock full

And at the same time shaking his head and saying “those dumb home inspectors” :roll:

I always advise them of that as well.
Then I tell them to get it IN WRITING.

Advise and leave it there…

If there are no documented concerns, it’s OK at the “time of inspection”.

You are there to take a snapshot in time, not predict the future.