Another guy looking at getting into home inspections

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I have done some free home inspections for friends over the years using my construction background.
My background is with new homes and remodeling construction. I been in business for 30 years now. What would you recomend for training? Maybe take the free online test 1st? I don’t plan on inspecting to be my only business at 1st but to slowly phase out of one into the other. Any sugestions would be helpful. Thanks In advance

My suggestion, having followed a similar path. Pay a GOOD inspector that is out of your area slightly, do ride alongs to learn. I worked with a guy and he’s in the next state, I dont go there and he doesn’t work here. We also agreed on it and also agreed we’d keep who each other is quiet, i don’t say who i trained under and he didn’t say he trained me so no reputations could ever potentially suffer. Good experience.

I did, learn a lot. I was in construction and thought I was all set, and in certain areas I was well versed, but others I was certainly lacking. Sure there a lot of free online education, but hands on is the way to go.

Also, IMO, you need to be a contractor OR inspector. Well you don’t need to be, but once you commit to full time inspecting, both business wise and dedication to marketing it, and your education in it, you’ll do better than holding on to the other too…

Also, REA’s and consumers will be leery of a guy who inspects and also repairs.

Best of luck

Where do you live?

Send me an email and i’ll give you my opinions there.

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