Another Mit Question

I have searched the post and looked in the training/education sections but can’t find a clear anwser for a metal roof meeting the FMRC 4470 - 4471 specification. I have a metal roof that has a permit date of 08/03/06 and a Fl. approval # FL5704.3 I don’t see anywhere the above specification for this roof. Does it meet the 2001 FBC minimum requirement?

Bruce Waits
First Choice Inspections

Metal roofs must meet FMRC 4470 and/or 4471 to qualify. Without documentation there is no credit.

IT should. That is why the permit is so important to the credit being granted.

As part of applying for the permit, the product approval documentation would have been reviewed and the permit issued only after the the Building Dept. determined that the products utilized were approved. In addition, the Building Dept. roof inspections should have determined if the correct number of nails for ‘enhancement’ were used as per the manufacturers instructions.:slight_smile:

I 2nd what Jay stated

I 3rd that!


This is another perfect example why the BOAF needs to be a part of the process with the OIR, ARA and all sitting at the table during these meetings. We need information to be publicly available to the person(s) that are responsible for filling out the form quantify and identifying products that may give mitigating credits to a structure.