Roof Coverings

Have a 1995 house reroofed in 2001. I have the permit that was completed 8/6/2001. The owner said the agent said I should have marked
A even with out a PA#. They said all roofs comply with FBC after 2000.

You have three choices and we will start from the bottom.

The roof is original and built in 2004 or later. No.

Have a roofing permit application date on or after 3/1/02. No.

All roof coverings listed above meet the FBC with a FBC or Miami-Dade Product Approval listing current at time of installation
Possibly, you will have to get the approval numbers. It should be on the permit application, or if a shingle roof, an extra bundle of shingles will have it on there.

It would only qualify for the credit in Dade or Broward Counties, HVHZ.

I went down to the building department and there is not an AP# on the application. The owner said he was done talking to me because the inspector the agent sent out said she would mark A and they would tear up mine. He than asked me to pay her the 75.00 she charged. Not happening.


Sounds like a sure case something not right going on. :shock:

Don’t sweat it…At some point they will get found out. Agents like that, you do not want business from… Agents like that, do not stay in the business long.

And folks wonder what I have against agents.

Did I tell you all about the one who told a client he could get stickers for doors windows and such for $150.00?

Two words… REPORT THEM! They are learly committing fraud if you’ve given us all of the facts.

File a complaint with OIR or wait for them to have a reinspection done and then they will know who was right.

I would demand to see the report, then report the inspector, if they are wrong.

I did an inspection recently and I told the client, If I do the wind mitigation, I cannot mark “A” for the shutters, as they were not permitted and there were no markings. I even called the company that installed them…they are out of business. The agent had an inspector mark “A” for the shutters and for a whopping $50.00. I am waiting for that report to have problems. :wink:

I don’t know who the agent or the inspector is. The owner will not help. He said I would just screw up his credits. I told him that might happen anyway. This wind mit was done during a home inspection so I don’t know who they went with for insurance.

This is why I never do an insurance inspection without it going directly to the agent.
If it is at the time of home purchase, I tell the buyer to call as soon as they know who the new agent is and I will email the report to agent.
Homeowner gets a copy only after I sent one to the agent.