Another posting about York age

I’ve read the all of the posts and I have the serial number chart that’s floating around on here, but I’m struggling with this.

The serial number for the outdoor compressor is:

The serial number for the furnace is:

According to the chart, the compressor should be 1974 or 1995 and the furnace should be 1998

These things look brand new. I’m guessing 2007-2009.

Any help?


Looks like a 2007. But htese numbers are a pain. I have attached a PDF about York

Whew, that chart is hard to read. But thanks for sending it.

I also believe that 2007 would be accurate.

This formula coincides with Ronald’s chart.

April '07 and July '07

Yes the chart is difficult to read, sometimes wish manufactures would just date the darn things