Another reason dishwasher covers should be removed.

Posted a message last week asking if everyone pulled dishwasher bottom covers, and got mixed responses. Second week in a row. I pulled the cover off this one and found a dryer cord being used as the wiring source. Of course the cord itself is heavy enough, but come on! Pulling a couple of screws looks better every day.

Find any dead mice?

Someone left some Tic Tacs for you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing you did or you might have missed that small leak at the supply connection.

One of our members Dr. Keith Swift reported that three years after an inspection and yes that is not a typo …“three years”… after an inspection he was sued because of “Rodent Infestation”!

During the inspection he found several mousetraps, and “bait stations” that were used to poison the mice. He included all of the above in his report!

In spite of this three years went by and the buyer could not control the “mouse population” in his home so he decided to sue the real estate agent and the inspector. It was the buyer’s contention that he was not in " warned strongly enough" about how bad the problem was.:roll:

  • The moral of the story?

I hope that you included in your report that fact that there was a “poison bait station[FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Arial][size=3]” and rodent feces under this dishwasher. [/size][/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Arial][size=3]If the homeowner took the time and trouble to hide this under the dishwasher I wonder where else in the house you might find these traps.[/size][/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Arial][size=3]I would strongly recommend that a Certified Exterminator conduct “an inspection” before your client buys his house.[/size][/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Tahoma][size=1][FONT=Arial][size=3]Good luck!:nachi:[/size][/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

That is exactly where my question in post #2 was leading. I was waiting for a response from Sean, before making my statement, in case he already reported on it. I always report on any evidence of rodent & insect activity or controls, as I and my client have no idea as to the history or severity of the problem.

A couple of months ago, I inspected a home where I had not found a single trace of rodent or insect activity, in the home itself. When inspecting the exterior I always walk around the front and rear yards, not just close to the structures. I was surprised to find that the front yard was totally infested with ants. There were multiple anthills, some quite sizeable, all over the yard, but none within 15 feet of the home. I pointed this out to the buyers during my summary. They were shocked! They had been all around the home, dreaming of their landscaping plans, and had never noticed the ants. They told me that the wife was pregnant with their first child, and they were looking forward to spending time with their child on the lawn areas. Can you imagine what they would be going through had they not been advised of the situation? My point is, unless there are restrictions in your area, always report any evidence of activity or control. It is in your clients (and your) best interests.

PS… yes, I also remove the dishwasher cover. I almost always find some issue, usually a leaking connection.

I also report on mice/vermin droppings when I see them, but I also have my client sign my agreement which specifically states…

*“Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies are excluded from the inspection (Examples: Concealed structural revisions, and Wood Boring Insect damage)”.

Looks like before long all we’ll have is a report that consists of pages of disclaimers and nothing to do with actual defects of the property. What a shame.
Disclaimer: “The above statement may or may not be a true statement. It is an opinion, my opinion. An opinion to be taken with a grain of salt.* My opinion may differ from that of another.”

Sign here:__________________

  • now pay me my $400.00 :wink:

Actually the house was a hud forclosure that was purchased by a realtor. So it was vacant at least a year. The poison was quite old I am sure, but not I did not mention it. The house was also built in the 40’s. I personally have not seen any traps or poison in an inspection since yesterday. Are we going to have to tell the people there are spiders if we find cobwebs next? It seems no matter how hard we try eventually someone will find a way to be nasty. But yes if the house is being lived in and I find poison, in the future I will mention it. By the way, I had another leaking dishwasher at this morning’s inspection.

Took this cover off and instead of finding a leak, I found ants… lots of ants. Got me to look further and found ants in the electric outlets:shock:



Wow, on a slab Robert?

Exactly. Since I found this, I always look on top of baseboards under outlets and if I see a hint of red dirt I take the covers off. Found two like this since.:wink:

I haven’t removed a single cover from the front of a dishwasher since I’ve been in business.

I took Sean’s advice just for the hell of it, today. I’m damn glad I did and I will now be removing all dishwasher covers in the future.

This particular dishwasher had a hidden leak and this kitchen was infested with mice.


Good plan;-) I always remove too but had this one yesterday… no need to remove the cover:D


I like what I can see of your tool case. Care to share a full view image?

Hey Jeff. I’m away now but will take a picture of it and post later. It’s a Pelican case with cut-outs for my more expensive tools. After leaving two moisture meters behind :shock: I had to come up with a way to know I had all my tools before I left the inspection. Now with a quick glance, if I see an open space, I know to find that tool before I leave.:wink:

Here’s my case -

Here you go, it’s a Pelican 1560




Brian & Robert,
Looks like you both use the same type case. I like it! Guess what I’ll be looking to get soon. Getting tired of searching through my bag, too disorganized.
Thanks for posting the pic’s.

Brian is the one that put me on to this case… thanks Brian! (I think Brian’s case has better toys than mine:(:D)