Appliance Inspections

Is INACHI going to follow ASHI’s lead?
or just allow little Mr. Dingleberry call the shots?

Follow the lead for what ?

ASSI says inspect but not required.
Talk about goobly goop double speak.

The minimum requirement for inspecting AFCI devices, and GFCI devices for that matter, is a visual inspection of the device. Testing the operation of AFCI and GFCI devices is not required by the 2006 SoP or by the new SoP

The change with the largest impact, for some inspectors, is the requirement to inspect installed kitchen appliances by operating one primary function. The appliances that you should inspect are the cooking appliances (ranges, ovens, surface units, microwave ovens, etc.), the dishwashing machine, and the food waste grinder (the disposal). The refrigerator and laundry appliances are among the appliances that you are not required to inspect; but you may do so if you wish.

Who cares what ASSI does ?

Thanks for your input Bob.

Thanks for the laugh.

I just like saying a-s-s

Here in Florida, it doesn’t matter. It is required by the State SoP.

Pretty asinine if you ask me. I disclaim or do a Home Inspection Alternative. A much better option for many of my clients who want the most bang for their buck without any FLUFF.

I would disclaim them all day long if the State started requiring they be inspected.

Just out of curiosity, what in the world does one inspect when including appliances? Frig - cold, stove - hot, dishwasher - wet?

Ask the fools who do it ??? Fools??? What do you do?

Cameron I can add more from this normal looking kitchen this weekend.
Pretty basic and little to see so move on right?

I installed them for a living and find issues in the kitchen more than any other room.
It is also the most expensive room but why waste time on them eh ?



Is it just basic operation and seals on the door? How the compressor sounds? Dishwasher doesn’t leak?

It just seems like any appliance would be disclaimed even if it was operational because, unlike a furnace and water heater, they are interacted with everyday by the main culprits of destruction: owners. :slight_smile:

See, now you broke that handle off, there goes your inspection fee. :slight_smile:

You installed them, that gives you an edge. There’s no way I would pull out a dishwasher.

It’s a toothless addition to their SOP. “Barely look at them and then disclaim them to death”. It adds nothing a client wouldn’t find on their own during a walk through.

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Not my public.

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I take it you don’t check for appliance recalls Cameron.

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You have no idea what I do and don’t do at a home inspection.

That’s not inspecting appliances, that’s being a professional. I’ve also called out gas leaks on stoves, water leaks on refrigerators & washers and frayed electrical cords on appliances. But in ten years I have never written a report which stated any appliance was functional or satisfactory, because I don’t inspect appliances.

You’re asking a loaded question. Of course people expect inspectors to report on an obvious defect, regardless of what the component is. Just ask them what they expect their inspector to inspect. Kitchen appliances will be at the bottom of the list or close to it.

I actually have asked a similar question, though admittedly not identical, at nearly every inspection for ten years. “What concerns do you have, are there any areas of the home you have more questions about over any others?”

The answer has never been “kitchen” or “appliances”. If it were a basic expectation you would think it would show up at least once.