Another Service Entrance Amps Question

Usually when I see two 200 amp service panels there is a CT can and a CL 10 meter. At this morning’s inspection, there were two 200 amp panels, but there was no CT can (I think), and there was a CL 200 meter. The meter cab was larger than normal, but smaller that the CT cans I am used to seeing. Can they fit the current transformers in the meter cab in the photo? Am I correct in stating that this is a 200 amp service as limited by the meter, or is this a 400 amp service? The lateral conduit looked large enough for a 400 amp service. Is there any issue with potentially too much current running through the meter, or is the meter only metering shunt current (is that the right wording)? Or maybe its OK because the load calc worked out to under 200 amps??? 3550 SF home, all electric, 2 water heaters, 2 ovens, lots of bells and whistles. Thoughts?



That is technically a 320 amp service. This setup uses a 320 amp plug-in style 200CL meter. It is generally referred to as a 400 amp service because of the two 200 amp panels.
This is perfectly legal and safe, as long as the calc load is under 320a.
It is a very common installation.

I am really not sure how or why they use a 200CL meter but that is the POCO’s decision. We have no say in these matters. We simply provide a meter pan style approved by them.

Also some POCO’s do Diversified loads and do have a 400A TRUE CAPACITY meter can available…I know as I picked up (2) of them today…:slight_smile: