Service Amperage

Ok, I should know this but honestly never actually ran across it being I haven’t inspected a house this size. On most meters that I have seen, it says CL200 240V if the home had a 200 amp Service. This meter says CL320 240V. With that said, in the garage on the other side of that meter are two panels next to each other with a 200 amp breaker for each panel. Each panel has what I strongly assume to be a main line. Just for information, there is also a 100 amp sub panel that is newer in the basement. That really has no bearing. But I can’t figure out the proper service amperage to report. 400? 320? 320 wouldn’t make sense. House is 6800sq ft.

You have two 200 amp services.

320 refers to the continuous load in amps. (320 *125% = 400 amps) A 400 amp service would be 320 amps continuous.

I report it as a 2x200 Amp service and comment on each piece of service equipment separately. With multiple service disconnects, you will typically see a gutter between the meter and the enclosures that contains the splices.

Thank you all so much. I really appreciate the help and knowledge.

In my area its common on bigger houses to see the single meter outside … Then in the garage OR basement to see 2 - 200 amp panels with each being fed by its own wires which disappear either up out of sight into the house wall above (if in a basement) or straight out thru the wall if in a garage.

And splicing, etc would be done outside in a meter can, etc AND not visible

Gutters are mostly seen on commercial, older houses, OR add-on’s to a newer service.