Another Square D Breaker Question

Home built in 1990, no modifications, etc.

Breakers are all type HOM Square D. Load center is an I-T-E Siemens brand.

Are these breakers allowed in a Siemens box?

(Searched the BB but am in need of a quick response, sorry but thanks!)

Did you read the label in the box? When a manufacturer restricts use to his breakers, that is where he publishes it?

Yes. Note reads: … designed for use with only I-T-E type QP, QT, QPF, QPH, QPHF, and HQP circuit breakers. All others will void warranty.

So, probably a dumb question, aside from the warranty issue, are HOM Square D breakers allowed?

(Yeah, this seems like a dumb question as I write it but maybe allowable alternates can now be used…)

Square D does not manufacture Classified Circuit Breakers



Thanks, now after reading that, would you write up the panel as I described? Sorry, long day and a bit cross eyed right now :ack:

Robert this was posted before, Square D 1-pole HOM 115 thru 150 and 2-pole HOM 215 thru 250 are compatible with ITE Siemens.


I’ve been out for a bit.

I simply state that the panel has breakers installed that are not on the list marked on the label and include a photo of the label.

Refer it out to a qualified electrician and let him sort it out.

If you want to do some more digging call ITE and ask them.

At this time Square D breakers are only listed for use in their panels.

Thanks Mike and Gary (Gary, Thx for the email too)