square D breakers in Seimens panel

Is it acceptable to use Type HOM breakers in a Seimens panel? They appear to fit just fine, but not sure about the conections at the bus bars.

Here’s what I say:

“The [main panel or sub-panel] is equipped with breakers manufactured by a company other than the panel manufacturer. Panel manufactures warn that the use of other types of breakers “voids the warranty, may void the UL listing, and could result in property loss and personal injury.” An evaluation of the acceptability of the breakers by a licensed electrician is recommended.”

You have to keep in mind that some panels allow breakers from other companies (usually sister companies under the same corporate umbrella). Read the label if present.



Thanks Joe

Thanks IKage, I feel more educated, but still not sure if the Type HOM are classified for use in the Seimens panel. I guess it is up to AHJ to decide if it is acceptable?

I call it out every time. Read the legend in the panel itself. I states in plain english, that only the same type of breaker can be used. I think of it this way. What if someone inspected the house after you and called it out and then showed that it was written on the panel in plain english. I think I would look dumb, hence I call it out each and every time…

If all your question is " can Homeline be installed in a Seimens pane" then my response would be legally no…mechanically yes…does it make it right …no…is it probably safe…yes…will it effect a warranty from square D…well probably not since homeline has a short warranty cycle anyway so the new breaker probably has a longer warranty in itself.

The issues can go alot deeper than just this question…it goes as deep as understanding the CTL requirements and when they came into effect and will they go away in the 2008 NEC and can you install a CTL rated breaker in a non-CTL rated panel…but alas…I dont want to bore you with details.

No, the Square D breaker should not be installed in the Seimens panel and checking the label should show you that this is not recommended. In fact, square D would throw a FIT ( I know Mr. Pauley of Schneider would ) if you installed a seimens in their panels so I would guess he would agree not to install theirs in another brands panel.

Did I confuse you enough…:wink: