another TPR question

I booked an inspection for later in the week and received a heads up from the agent that the water heater TPR was previously documented as “TPR pipe extension contains improper material for a hot water heater”. The picture is kind of hard to see what they are referring to… Can you tell what the issue is? From what I have read as long as it is CPVC, copper or galvanized it is good to go but I can’t tell what the pictured material is…


It looks kinked . I can’t tell from the pic what type of piping it is.
If it is anything other than copper, galv or CPVC it is wrong.

That would depend on your jurisdiction. My area also allows for PEX and any piping “specifically listed for use as TPR discharge piping.”

As for the original post, your picture is worthless. There’s nothing that can be determined by viewing that picture.

I was thinking about adding PEX, but since I’ve never see it on a PRV I didn’t list it.
How much pressure can PEX handle.

That varies depending on temperature, but in theory, the discharge piping is not a “pressurized system.”

PEX does need to be fastened/strapped so as to prevent “whipping” though.

I agree that the picture is vague and that is why I posted it. Where can one find pipes that are “specifically listed for use as TPR discharge piping” in Florida?

Why use anything other than CPVC .

Home Depot, Lowes…

They look like PVC (and probably are) but are stamped with “for use as T&P discharge.” I usually only see these in manufactured homes.

Must comply with 2904.5 ASME A112.4.1
PVC might not comply and is not listed in the Requirements for a discharge.

My guess would be PEX with a kink guard, which didn’t work. Looks like 1/2" too.

Where does in terminate? It looks like a “conspicuous place”, unless that’s an outside wall?