Another Weep Hole question

Todays inspection presented no weep holes in the brick veneer. Not a huge area. 35 ft across and 2 storys high. 10 year old home. What are the concequences of not having these. I know many factors can come into play. Does anyone have experience in seing the end results first hand??

There should have been weep holes…was this a slab, crawl or basement; could it have been that you simply missed it.

As to ramification, it all depends…too many variables…I have seen homes that over 70 years old without any problem however that fact is that they were required to ensure proper ventilation and moisture management. Simply annotate same…

Hope this helps.


Sean you will find about 60 % around here do not have weep holes , It is even enforced. Then you will find the ones full of mortar. I just note it and explain , and move on. if you can pull yourself from watching the tivo recorded soaps call me.

The house had a unfinished basement. I could see all the way down to the block at one corner so I know there were no weep holes. I do not know what was behind the brick. I do know Wayne loves to watch Lifetime, and paint his toenails

I really like it when Sean comes over to to buff them.

I had one today with weep hole issues. What stinkin’ weep holes??:stuck_out_tongue:

Slone Inspection 017.JPG

Slone Inspection 018.JPG

LOL Linas did someone fill them ?


Previous inspection report must have said
“Gaps in mortar - recommend filling them in” :twisted::p;-)

It would not surprise me that an inspector make such a comment… I have seen worse.

If memory serves me, Tenn. has a GC license requirement to do projects of $25k or more which means there should have been some sort of oversight (code inspector) as the house was being constructed. I would be surprised that the builder failed to have weep holes on a 10 year old home… they could have been covered or as Linas showed, filled in.

Do you have any exterior pictures showing the foundation?