Any advice for Mold testing reporting software?

I was wondering if you guys could share the pros and cons of the software/apps you are using for mold testing reporting.

I don’t bother with software for Mold.
I use MS Word, and attach any Lab results with it.
Done. Easy-peasy!


Thanks, Jeffrey!

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I just send the lab report in an email with some explanations and clarifications for the client. That said, I have on my to-do list to set up a mold template with some narratives in my reporting software (Spectora). That would save me a bunch of typing, lol. But I haven’t had enough demand for mold testing yet to move it more towards the top of my list.

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Thanks, Ryan.

I am using a template I created in Spectora. Very basic with analysis results and lab cert attached. After Ian there is a lot of demand for testing.

Thanks Kip!