Mold reporting software....?

Anyone use any computer based mold reporting software, and if so, can you comment on it?



I use the HomeGauge template and copy and pasted it into my normal report template in the optional section. I tweaked a little so that everything falls under one section titled Mold. I think it works the best for me since I prefer to do a mold screen over just sampling. If you want a copy, let me know.

I have used the home gauge version often. I tried it out before they issued it and it works well for me. I have made sure to add my comments into the database and now it speeds up my reporting as well.

Thomas, several of the software programs allow you to create your own template where you can generate a mold report. You don’t have to look specifically for a separate mold report program.

Home Guage and Porter Valley IAC2

Anyone try “Mold Inspection Report Creator”? PHII seems to be plugging it.


Thomas, what HI program are you using right now?


Can’t you make a custom template with report host that will work for mold? You can check out the IAC2 mold guidelines and work off of that.

I use the template Scott made for HG. :smiley:

I do have one check list “bio growth report” complete with pre inspection agreement that you are free to take if you want it.

gimme a call.

That’s something I’ve been working on making now too. I’ve been reviewing the IAC2 sop which has a good outline.

Does anyone that uses HIP have a mold template?


Yup, here’s Bill Devries, Home Inspector Pro Mold Template

That link leads to the page Dom.

Thanks Mike, I just fixed it.

I hate when that happens :wink:


What is the .tpz file format? Is that the template file format for HIP?


Yes. Copy it in to c:\program files\home inspector pro\data

There’s a few other templates guys have posted on our site now as well.

Can you send me a link to the latest version. I would like to look at the picture insertion thing once again.

I’m thinking about using a specific program for my Richardson Building Diagnostics, LLC company. I’m currently creating a template for the ASTM E2418-06: Baseline Survey for Readily Observable Mold and Conditions Conducive to Mold in Commercial Buildings. I have a big project coming up in NJ at the middle of September, and don’t want to fiddle with Word.

But, I need it in a narrative format?



I’ll send a link to the latest beta via pm. I’m working on two CommSOP versions right now, haven’t started on ASTM yet.