Any advise on inspecting an 8800sq ft, 8 unit condominium building

I’m looking for any advise from experienced HI’s on how to inspect a 8800sq ft condominium building.

Charge a lot of money.

If this is a Complex, then

of Units / Scope of Work / Size and Components of Common Areas etc…

If it’s a single Unit (I haven’t seen a 8K condo), you should be able to figure that one one based on market costs etc.

Alot of 4-6 units are $150-200 each and common areas (if any) on top of that, along with a base price of the Site itself…

A common stumbling point is when a multi unit complex calls and we think they want a home inspection. The client may want a consultation on condition of systems etc…

The How part of your question Paul is dependent of what they want from you… They may want you to include 3rd party specialists for Roof/HVAC/Mechanical etc…

You’ll get some more responses as you provide some more detail…

Everything you need including all the agreements are in the document pack here International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.

Paul you need to find out what the clients expectations are .
Are you checking appliances ?
Is there a central boiler system or will you need to check all individual units? (big difference right?)
You gonna be observing wall scratches? :slight_smile:
Concentrate on Kitchens and bathrooms and be sure to make him go around checking things like window operation to save time.
Think big money issues as the guy is investing (*not living).
Get that mindset straight.

If you feel you could use help this time then do not be bashful to call another inspector to help out.

Get on that roof and scrutinize the common element utilities and foundation since those cost $$$$$.
Check stairs of course and tenant safety issues.
Look for poor window and exterior wall flashing and you should pretty much be covered.
Everything else will be details.

Just noticed you said Condo but will leave advise there for rental inspection.

Thanks Tim, that’s some good advice. It is the entire building for purchase. You’re right; i do need to do the math as far as the base price plus the individual systems and common areas, etc… I’ve got some homework to do. I may recommend meeting with the buyer to discuss the process or to ask him what he wants or expects. If the units are occupied, then what?

Thanks Nick, That’s what i was looking for!!!

If the Units are occupied (which some likely are), try to coordinate with buyer as he or his agent may be able to arrange for inspection with proper notice. I generally like someone to give me the guided tour on occupied units…

Ask questions and come up with you’re able to work with them on… they’re shopping as we speak! Time’s a wastin’ :slight_smile: