Any air breathers out there?

Interesting tidbits Blaine. Too bad you just never seem to hear about those in the MSM.

I understand that Mother earth has gone through this sort of thing many times in the past.
History tells us this is not something new.
Roy Cooke

Exactly! A not too hard to understand refute of man’s contribution to Global Warming. However, both sides should be scrutinized equally because we are dealing with dueling hypothesis.

I’m glad someone understands how a scientific debate should be carried out. Support your assertions with hard facts, not emotional pitches. Don’t get offended when your assertions are countered.:wink:

Speaking of emotional pitches, they are the deadliest weapon in a Deal Killer’s arsenal …:twisted:

Exactly why should not let our politicians make policy on unsettled science.

Politicians live to produce legislation that is supposed to show us that they are doing something and make themselves feel good. Better watch out. Your pocket book and future are at stake.

The consensus is amongst scientists, but you knew that.

Consensus has been wrong very often among scientists.
Do you need a list?:wink:

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Michael it seems that your position is, it is fine to continue to pump as much man made stuff into the atmosphere as possible. With China and India continuing to use more and more power it does not seem that clever to continue down that road.


Originally smog meant a mixture of smoke and fog. Today, smog means air that has restricted visibility due to pollution, or pollution formed in the presence of sunlight-photochemical smog.

Well you have bumped up against a definate “issue”

Why do the true believers in " anthropogenic global warming" seldom mention China and India?

Why is it the West that is expected to “fix” this “problem”?

Me thinks much else is afoot here.

Point still stands.
CO2 is not Smog and it’s not a pollutant. It’s plant food.:slight_smile:

Al Gore is a putz… he can take his little petition and shove it.:mad: I am sick of these “global warming”, “the sky is falling” “ain’t humans so bad for the earth” clowns. I gonna go outside and drive my SUV, then I’m gonna eat a cow, and fart.

Take that!

Call Mr. Gore. With the size of his carbon foot print, he needs all the credits he can get.

Ya Think!

Don’t worry guys. Mr. Gore will be converting all the corn in the US to ethanol. We’ll be paying .01 cents per gallon less for fuel and $3.00 more per pound for poultry, beef and pork products. Pretty soon I’ll be cooking my bean burrito on the engine in my car.

Who thinks of this stuff?

“Daddy, why do we recycle when the people down the street don’t?”

“Well son, I can’t control what other people do. I can only do my part!”

My favorite parts:

THAT’S why people don’t mention India and China.

Not for long. China is consuming fossil fuel quicker and in larger quantities than anyone on the planet. Who can tell about their emissions with access restricted the way it is. Been to Mexico City, Bangkok or Beijing lately? The air quailty in those areas is nothing short of a particulate matter dust storm in the Sarah desert. Check out the environmental controls or lack thereof on the massive manufacturing infrastructure surrounding each of those filthy air cities. We’ve only got 330 million people here in the US, there’s a whole other world out there…