More Crap and Trade...

This came from Glenn Beck tonight…

I have posted this
as there is not a transcript yet of John Boehner’s hour long speech on Cap And Trade (HR 2454) bill. How about this - if this bill passes and is signed into law - did you know that when you sell your house, a government bureaucrat will come in and inspect your house to make sure that the windows, heat, air, appliances etc are the most current and environmentally friendly as possible - if not, you will not be able to even put your house up for sale! It was in that 300 page Amendment that was read, even though the actual bill was not even on the House floor - let alone read by even a single staffer, much less a single Congressperson.
The vote was against even what the Obama Administration ‘claims’ they wanted (transparancy), as it was not posted on the InterNet for 5 days before the vote.
The EPA was forced to supress their report on the Global Warming - it was not released until Friday night -

Shock: Global temperatures driven by US Postal Charges](

See #1127
The rise in global temperatures since 1880 closely correlates with increases in postal charges, sparking alarm that CO2 has been usurped as the main driver of climate change.

**Updated: Climate Depot Editorial: Climate bill offers (costly) non-solutions to problems that don’t even exist **

**No detectable climate impact: 'If we actually faced a man-made ‘climate crisis’, we would all be doomed’

Can’t we keep all the political [size=7]$HIT[/size] in the Not for Everyone thread?

Actually Jae’s post relates directly to home inspections.

I only posted to show the absurdity of the claims being made for the legislation.

Posting in a public thread gives the public a view of the personality of any inspector they may be considering…

Consider that when you respond as you have, Stan.

More traps from home inspectors who believe they are better than anyone else because of their beliefs and are scared to death to compete openly, hopefully the consumer will see past the charade, if not it is their loss. :twisted:

Sounds to me like your next stop is to get up on your dilapidated soapbox and proclaim the virtues of inspector licensing.

The real problem with crap and trade is that the Chinese aren’t regulated by it. The harder you are on U.S. businesses, the more market share the Chinese get. Pretty soon, they’ll make everything.

Add to that India as well.

Some gas refineries will be forced to shut down because they will be unable to get the permits to upgrade under this law.

That will force some gas refining off shore where there is no silly carbon law on the books thus increasing our “foreign” dependence which is in direct opposition to one of the stated purposes of the legislation.

These facts are known and it is our leaders act of turning a blind eye to this reality that I find reprehensible.

Not a chance…

Most licensing attempts involve RE people–and more RE control of the inspection process.

The whole object of an inspection is for the client, so they may understand the condition of the home before commiting to a huge investment.

RE types don’t really want the client to know, especially with the foreclosure situation that exists today.


If it is to happen, it should be done properly, with proper over-sight.

Ditto, Jae. If the cap and trade passes, it may change, or even eleminate all home inspection laws in all states. The feds would have to inspect windows, attics for insulation, roofs for evironmental reasons, leaking chimneys due to moisture, check dishwashers, HVAC, hot water heaters all for “energy efficency”, and all for $99. As I commented in other threads throughout this message board, it would not be long before the feds moved in on our business. This is all due to special interests pushing licensing and implementing laws, rules and regulations all to promote and pass real estate deals. Since RE, appraisers, lendors all have had FBI investigations, and some have been prosecuted, all NAR agencies and state real estate orginizations have created their own problems, with the assist of the “other large national home inspection orginization”.

They got what they wanted. Now, they are crying the blues. They should step up, and make it right, for the consumer; not themselves.

Absolutely right on!!

Read Jame’s NAR comments on another thread.