Any Denver area inspectors in need of a helper?

Hello guys I originally posted this in Members Only, but I thought it might get more exposure here.

I will be relocating to the Denver area by the 3rd week of September. I’m 28years old, I’m new to the industry but have an extensive background in automotive and marine(I’m originally from Palm Beach, FL). I have been aggressively completing the Nachi courses, watching the videos and reading these forums like crazy. I have passed the Nachi exam on the first attempt, but I just don’t feel I’m nearly ready to get out there on my own yet.

If any of you have a need for a helper or an apprentice type person to join your team, please let me know. It’s probably important to mention that I am hoping for something that will turn into a long time commitment. I’m not looking to get paid to gain experience only to bail after a period of time.

If anyone is interested and would like more info from me please email me at dgrey8761 @ yahoo or just PM me on Nachi.

Thank you for your time!