Mentorship in Denver,CO.

Hello everybody…its “the new kid on the block”…I feel priveleged to be a member, and am anxious to complete my required courses and be
InterNACHI certified! Sooo straight to the point, I am looking to hook up with an established Inspector, in the Denver metro area, to let me join an inspection or two so I can get a better idea of what to expect. I have been in the trades for more than 20 years, so I’m not a dumbass by any means . I understand its difficult to conduct a thorough, and professional inpsection if youre trying to train somebody…and probably doesn’t look good to the client/customer. I would appreciate any time/advice anyone can extend to me. My shedule is wide open,as I am currently unemployed ,and am devoting all my time to getting my business off the ground. Thank you, in advance to anyone who can help me out.:smiley:

Want to help on a commercial inspection, or are you only interested in residential?

If you want to fly-drive to Phoenix your more than welcome to go along with us, I have inspectors working for me, they inspect 4-6 houses a day, seven days a week.

Nick,I am primarily interested in residential starting out. I think once I get comfortable with the residential,I may expand into light commercial.

Dale,thanks for the offer,would love to go where the weather is WARM,however,I think I can hook up with someone alot closer to home. I appreciate the offer though.

OK. The next best thing to a ride-along is

Thank you sir! I’ll check it out now.

Nick- might be too late on the pull, but I would be up for a ride along on a commercial inspection.
Newbie as well, will keep quiet and can carry heavy stuff.