Looking for Denver Inspector

Looking for a seasoned or newer inspector in the Denver area to join our team. If you are tired of working for yourself and having to drum up business, let us do the work for you and you just do inspections. We are a multi inspector firm with an office that handles everything. Call me if interested. Dave- 970-376-1748

Hello, I know this is a couple months old but are you still looking for newer inspectors to join your team? I’m relocating to Denver in the next few weeks. I’d be interested in a helper/apprentice type role initially if you need someone. I have completed most of the Nachi per-licensure courses for my current state of TN, as well as passed the Nachi exam. I just don’t feel confident enough to be set free this early on.

If you or anyone else who reads this needs a helper in the Denver area, please message me. I’m moving out there with my fiance so she can finish her Master’s at UC, and it would really ease my mind to have something lined up for my move. We intend on making it our new home, so I’m wanting to get my foot in the door with a long term commitment in mind.

I understand if the position is filled but I figured it may be a good idea to respond in detail in case anyone else reads this.

Thank you for your time.