Any idea?

Can anyone please give me a hand here and let me know what the heck this could have been caused by? I’ve never seen any counter top so destroyed before. Is it just a poor piece of stone ? Poor installation? Poor craftsmanship? Any help would do just trying to figure out how to word it

No idea. Report what you see and move on.

It might be rusted fasteners that mount the sink swelling from corrosion and cracking the granite. Look under the sink to see how it was mounted and if that was the cause.

Could be a bad installation or poor quality materials. Note as a defect and look for more horros.

^^^What Mike said…^^^

Granite slabs come in two different thicknesses. The 3/4 inch granite requires a plywood substrate, the 1.25 inch granite does not. You can’t tell the thickness at the edge since they always have the edge at 1.25 for the first 2 inches. This looks like the thinner (read less expensive) granite was installed and probably without the plywood. Of course the weak spots are at he edges and around the sink openings. No real repair. Replace the counter top.

Thanks guys great input! Greatly appreciated

Out here, earthquake damage is always a possibility! :shock::mrgreen:

Possibly improper cut for added reinforcement. No way to fix, new granite.

Reinforcement rod failure

Try this