Any ideas??

I was doing a residential inspection today and there was a commercial building next to the home that had this pipe (see attached) extruding from the ground with a cover on it about 2 feet in the air. It’s not part of my inspection today but was curious what function this serves. Thanks in advance, and no its not sinkhole ventilation. :slight_smile:

Maybe a cleanout? Vent for their underground growroom :)?

Saferoom ventilation?

Porta-potty ventilation?

Did you at least find out what type of business activities occur next door?

Looks like a lawn bubbler.

Connected to underground downspout, for roof, or other, drainage system.

Pretty funny responses…hehehe :slight_smile: Thanks guys! I thought it might be overflow drainage as well Christopher for some type of underground catch basin but thought 2 feet in the air was a little much and this system was just much bigger than the typical overflow system. It’s not in a flood zone, and the business was a sports massage therapy business. Thanks again. Hope yall have a good weekend.