Anyone ever seen this before?

Hello everyone. I did an inspection on a foreclosed property this morning. The
Realtor told the buyer the previous owners were growing some cannabis in the home. I found what you see in the picture behind the washing machine. The pipe runs from the connection you see there to the exterior. They ran it along the bottom of the closet in the bedroom next to the laundry. All the piping had been removed and the holes plugged with foam. I removed the washing machine and found what ever this is. Something related to what they were growing maybe? Anyways just curious as to what it may be or what it was used for. I recommended they seek a professional plumber and have him remove it.



Looks like the drain piping for a water softener or filtration system.

one word “hydroponics” when people grow indoors, they usally do it by hydroponics, which means the plants are about half way submerged in water with a grow light and a lot of miricale grow. this could have been a drain for the waste water after complete saturation of the plants. people in the keys do it with tomatoes. “can’t find a good tomato stake, here”

Thank you, I think you are right. The room where this pipe ran through showed signs of having been used for what you are saying. Not knowing how this was done I would have never guessed what they would need that drain line for.


I have seen many of these type connections as Well H2O is a predominant factor in this Market area.