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Hi To All:

Home built in 1958 with a recent service change out.

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No EGC to the load side panel. . .

Egc ?

Equipment grounding conductor.


It is buried in the middle of the meter,service side. The EGC was connected to the water pipe.

Is the panel directly behind the meter?

That would be the GEC (grounding electrode conductor) which is a different animal.

A four wire feed to that panel would include an equipment grounding conductor. This would be bonded to the enclosure together with the EGC’s from the branch circuits (to which, it appears, there are none).

The EGC would also bond the branch circuit conduit to the service equipment which is essential.

I know where you’re going with that Ben.

Regardless of its location, it does not appear to be bonded based on the bushing where the feeders enter the panel.


:slight_smile: I thought it may be a rigid nipple, I cant tell from the photo.


Picky, Picky Picky.

But that is why we love you.


I am being told by the electrician that the entire enclosure is grounded by way of the metal conduit and water pipe.

The meter can and sub are offset. The opened main piggy backs to the sub panel.

Jeff, it could easily be bonded by emt or rmc. A plastic bushing would be compliant, on top of the locknut. Bonding type bushings are not required A) where there are no concentric or eccentric knockout pieces remaining and B) on the load side of the service. Yes a bonding bushing is a good idea where there are pieces remaining but not required on the load side. We always use them anyway on any hole with pieces remaining, load side or not. Many AHJ’s mistakenly think they are required on the load side, it’s easier to just do it than argue.

It looks like that whole house is piped.

It could be. It’s difficult to tell by the photo, but Jay says it is, so I’ll go with that.

I really appreciate the feedback guys. :smiley: