Any Spectora users here? Pro and Cons?

Would really appreciate some insight here before I make a final pick. Spectora seems to be remarkably client and realtor friendly and easy to read.


Thanks for your time.

Go here see a lot of information .

I’m currently using Spectora and loving it. Call me if you would like to chat about it. Email or private message me and I’ll give you my cell #

I’ll put it this way, both new and senior inspectors I know who have used it have been thrilled. Some of them had limited exposure to other software. Some of them had decades. The retention rate after trial is quite high.

Three reasons Spectora is a clear choice for me (been inspecting since 2015):

1- The best looking report without regard to your report style.
2- Incredibly active owners. Both Kevin and Michael are relaxed, yet responsive to feature requests and resolving problems.
3- The FB group is filled with incredibly smart and positive inspectors who help each other with problems and hash out ways to make inspecting more efficienty.
Bonus-Their scheduling system is fast on its way to rival ISN. It won’t replace ISN’s vast features but it can work seamlessly with it

You will not regret joining the Spectora family.

read my thoughts on a Spectora post from last year.

Been using it a year and it’s been one of the best decisions I have made for our company in the 15 years we have been in business. Easily has shaved off one hour of report writhing per inspection.

Thanks, all!

Depends upon if you want to OWN your software or RENT your software.

I have been using Spectora for probably 6 months now. It was a hard switch because I have a pretty extensive template and a lot of time invested in other software building my template library. So that was the biggest hurdle and pain was bringing over the template because most of it had to be re-typed. Who has time to switch when they’re busy right?

That aside, best decision I’ve made in a while. It’s saving me time, and I’m not spending near as much family time writing reports. Realtor and customer feedback has been very positive. It’s progressive, interactive, and sets you apart from the pack who many of deliver just PDF reports.

Once you fully invest in using the software and learn how to use it quickly, that’s where you see one of the biggest benefits. It takes me about 10 -15 seconds to document a defect including taking the photo and putting it in the correct comment. It’s hard at first if you’re used to blazing along and just taking photos, but its front loaded. Spend a little more up front, save a huge amount on the back end sorting through photos and writing the report. Most inspections, I leave the property about 75% or more finished with the report. I polish a bit and do the one off things that I just don’t have time to do during the inspection, but it’s way way better that I used to do. Sometimes, if it’s a nice house with no crazy stuff, I’m about 95% done when I love and I can finish within 30 minutes after the inspection.

One exciting part for me is that I’m still relatively new and I’m going to get better and faster at using the software and and tweaking my processes and template.

You won’t be sorry you made the leap.

Still using Spectora?

Not likely…