Any thoughts about what we could do to celebrate our 1 millionth message board post?

This message board will hit it’s millionth post this year, a milestone for an industry of our size. We need to do something big.

Yes give the first person to respond to the post a free MEMBERSHIP for a year.:smiley:

Award a Nissan Leaf, (you said BIG!)

O.K. A new F-150 Harley Davidson version, with an InterNachi Wrap,
loaded with tools…

I’m thinking about having a raffle for a pickup truck or something.


A Tesla

Let all the vendors in our industry fill the bed of the truck with their products. It would be a big promotional event.

We can PhotoShop vendor logos onto PICs of the pickup truck.

I don’t even have to ask Dominic, I know he’s in.

Great idea. With the way fuel prices are heading, please make it the most fuel efficient truck/vehicle available.

We’ll fill the bed with “Now…” home maintenance books!

Inspector Outlet will help fill the bed too, I’ve got a bunch of home inspection gear to throw in.

InspectorPages is in on the Millionth Post!!

Design logos & illustration for all marketing materials and truck graphics.

I have a dozen vendor sponsorships lined up already. This is going to be fun.

InspectorPro Insurance is IN!!!

Absolutely, We will fill the bed of the truck with HARDWARE from our InterNACHI Partner ACE Hardware Stores…TOOLS, GLOVES, CHAINSAWS, PRESSURE WASHERS, WE WILL SEE, ETC…I am the Ace Card Program Manager and I am talking to ACE right now about helping us out with “our millionth post”…

I’m in, put the green Home Inspector Pro guy on the hood :smiley:

That would be sweet!

How about a tank of gas ??? (big)

As always Nachi Giving, great ideas guys