NACHI Member of the Year

I nominate Nick Gromicko for NACHI Member of the Year.

All of his time, travel, and effort in putting the Inspection Marketing World Tour Event into play should be rewarded.

He did not have to do this; he did not have to stay up until the early morning hours of each day of this tour. He did not have to give us the tools and samples to help us. He did not have to spend his own time traveling and marketing, setting up displays, etc. etc.

His efforts have been, as he says, “priceless”.

Agree he should be in discussion this year.

sorry guys NACHI staff are not eligible

Article 3 – Eligibility

All members of the iNACHI Association are eligible. (Employees, officers, directors, staff, and members who have been compensated are not eligible).

I agree Gary, that Nick has provided us (Members) with a lot for our Money.

Unfortunately, as Dennis pointed out, he is an exclusion to the Awards.

This is why a few years ago the Awards Committee re-named the MOTY to
Member of The Year/Gromicko Award to honor his contributions to the Membership as he does.

With all due respect to Nick…

You guys paid Nick $99 to attend the “Tour” event. He provided what you paid him to provide. In true Nick fashion, he out did himself as always, and gave out benefits worth way more than the price of admission. As flattered as he may feel, I suspect Nick would agree. You entered into and completed a business transaction. Nothing to get all MOY about.

Furthermore… Why isn’t anyone recommending Nathan for MOY? He provided a book that many paid for. Some of you treat him like he is the Messiah! He was also a contributor to the “Tour”.

IMO… Same difference!!! :neutral:

Nathen has only been around a few months… about the time is book came out. :slight_smile:

You have a bone to pick with Nathan obviously.
Just began using one of his services and would not do so had a doubt as to him being legit.

I figure you must, seeing as how you just singled him out.

Actually, he’s been around longer than that, but he hasn’t been very vocal until recently.

Only an example Bob. Can you name someone else that has been ‘controversial’ recently that fits the example? Nope, didn’t think so.

Yes I can think of a certain vendor but try not to be controversial myself and simply do not back down when poked ,nor do I hurt or harm and other business.

He is outspoken but to be honest it is good to make us think and defend all of our work habits ,unlike others he does not target individual members which is the habit of scum and stalkers so therefore I am now using his service.

Certain members here have awards and are not worthy in my opinion but shall stop right right now.(over and out)

Perhaps a Vendor of the Year Award?

I still nominate Nick. Nathan is just a salesperson.

I agree Nathan does not qualify at this point but was simply noting he was singled out.
Not really part of this discussion.
Most of us only know those with online presence however certainly there are great members that never post which makes voting inaccurate because anyone voting is going to be more involved online than a typical inspector which is a narrow field.

Looks like he is eligible to me…

Bob, please feel free to send me any name that you think qualify.

whis11 @

To be 100% honest the number of posters that help on the forum is limited and of those would also need to eliminate those that have already won or who avoid the drama side of the forum as well.

Now what is left may be regular poster that are helpful but not dominated experts in the field.

IMO very tough on that basis and hate sounding like an a-s but perhaps inn the future would recommend having each local take a vote on member of the year from there individual chapters with reason for submission in the bio to be added to a general list we could all view here and through a link in the NACHI newsletter.

Sorry as I had strong opinions on the website contest as well but not enough patience to be a awards member.

Would love to see a list of those worthy ,not already a winner,reasons why they are deserving rather than random self serving submissions.

Yikes here I go again.

As far as my personal opinion goes have not thought much about it as of yet but still like that it is done.

The experts who provide educational comments and perhaps add to supporting the association and or physically help the community they live in gotta go to the top.(again IMO)

Just for the record… there is ONLY a little over one month that nominations for MOY need to be submitted by. I suggest anyone that wishes to nominate someone, better read the requirements, fill out the necessary submission form, and get it sent in pronto!

Don’t leave it up to the “Good Old Boy’s Club” to decide who will be nominated and win!

The Award is for Member of the Year…
Not BB Poster of the Year…

My nomination:

Harvey Gordon, MRSA651 NACHI04031407 Indoor Air Quality Corporation Margate, Fl (954) 227-7001
Harvey Gordon, MRSA651
Indoor Air Quality Corporation
Margate, Fl
(954) 227-7001

Thanks, Bob. I just wanted to make sure you knew that you were invited to share name(s) of those you think meet the criteria.

You are more than welcome to have your local vote on what name(s) you would like to submit.

If I have helped you in one way or another or if you enjoy my contributions I would love to be nominated :smiley:

Think outside the box.

I get you all thinking and talking :smiley:

Too lazy to look but has David Anderson won yet ?

Another here is a Rookie but he never seems to ask the same questions twice and I am learning much from his questions…Juan C. Jimenez

Guys like Marcel and Jeff have already won.

Randy Mayo is making a push with all the graphics he creates…just thinking out loud guys.

Mike you are all about Wind…lol. Too much a niche subject and one I do not care anything about in the Windy City…sorry.