Any thoughts on this?


Take a closer look at the picture originally posted, with your glasses on…;-).

Actually I had to take my glasses off Marcel.

I see a wire that resembles a brick shelf flashing made of plastic.

By the way It looks very similar to the hundreds of yards of plastic I installed on angle iron and concrete foundation sill shelf’s from the photo but it was a small image…
See the line work is being erected masonry falls below onto the black plastic when you tool the tuck point. It resembles the image oh so well. Guess you had to be there.:wink:
Now you see why I uses 15 million pixel 24 times magnification camera lens when I do exterior envelopes.

Boy am I bad. So sorry all.
If you know any good looking ladies they can spank me anytime mate!. OK;)

Here is the way I thought the architecture and engineer designed the shelf and foundation.

The green would resemble a plastic membrane that was used several ways. It would be exposed 2 to 12 inches and longer until the wall was acid washed. It was then cut back to the iron at the end I I would start building another site…


I disagree with your theory. More pics would be helpful…

How come if this was recent do I not see a gravel stain ?

No flashing on that Brick?

Marcel it is not as much a theory as more a reply to what I have witnessed of 3 decades and what the aggregate resembles.
I Have seen 3/4 aggregate used as a method to surround the circumference of a home to act as anti splash or for drainage. Its incorporated with french drains and used by some less knowledgeable for decades. Its to dam big and allows fine clay to migrate quite easily IMO.
I agree more photos are needed.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods Marcel.
All the best.

I do not understand the term “grave stain” Bob.

After the home is completed the last thing that gets addresses is the lot water management. It is finished by a separate sub contractor. The sub would groom the entire yard.
I agree with Roy’s hypotheses on an animal or Jeffrey’s Dog digging hypotheses.
Its gravel. It will shift.

Shelf flashing is not called for on residential buildings the last time we went over this. I lost the link with other relevant info in April. Sorry. I am doing my best to retrieve it.

Hi Robert & Marcel, what other pictures of the house would you like to see? I will see if I can take a few more pictures when I am in the neighbourhood.
BTW, the owner called Tarion about this and they said they will come out in a couple of weeks to take a look at this.

Hi Mohammad,

A closer picture of that gas line on the wall would help…:wink:

Thank you.
Kind or you to reach out.
photos taken at an angle to allow a detailed description of the exterior envelope and lot and grounds.
If the camera has HR resolution then I would like to see the grounds.
#1 does the entire foundation have 3/4" aggregate surrounding the perimeter?
If so where does the soil/grass start.
Foundation. 3’ to 4’ feet of aggregate, then the soil or loam should start.

Here is what I would like to see. Shots like this.

Opps how did that get in there???:wink:

I would like photos of the lot from the front allowing a good side image of the wall and grading…
If you can.
Thanks lots. Pardon the pun.:roll:

I concur.
I have seen 4 foot deep craters left by my shield dog over 30 years ago.
Over through:roll:.

I do not understand the term “grave stain” Bob.

Thanks that was my belly buster of the day and am laughing as I type.
Seriously had same kind of thing today and it looks like the utility company was moving some pipes is all.
That is most likely what this is.

They were just to lazy to refill all the way.

You got it mate!!!

Sorry Bob. Gravel stain.
Dam spectacles are still on order.
All the best.