Any thoughts on this?

I was at my friend’s house the other day and he pointed this out and wanted an opinion.

The house is less than 1 year old and last week the owner noticed this on the exterior foundation wall. I did not look in the basement myself but he told me that there is insulation on the interior and there is nothing different that he noticed there.

Any ideas as to why this would happen?

Could it be some animal digging???

During the construction the soil appears to have been disturbed. It required engineered fill to address the issue.

That has to be some strong animal to be able to move that gravel :slight_smile:

Also, we looked at a few other houses in the neighborhood and none of the other houses had this issue.

improper compaction. likely an air pocket collapsed. If it were my house, I’d wait a few month and see if its done settling before attempting a repair

If this was at an inspection, how would you guys report on it?

What would you put down for recommendation?

The owner can probably call Tarion for this but my guess is that they will just come out and unload a bag of gravel and say ‘problem solved’ :slight_smile:


I think would tell you to get under the house and see what is going on…

If there is really nothing gong on, “fill the hole”…

The house is only a year old. This stuff happens for up to 5 years sometimes.

Some gravel appears to have sunken along left side of foundation. This is likely due to settling, which is common during first few years after construction. This could be considered a tripping hazard. I recommend using caution in this area or filling hole. This can be ongoing maintenance, depending on many factors, including weather.

or spontaneous combustion from improper clearance to gas and / or gas metering equipment with non ferrous, non friable minerals…

please don’t use my name, if you choose this narrative though… :slight_smile:

You guys don’t have dogs in Canada???:shock:

Having 3/4" stone backfill, will allow for rain water to drain down next the foundation and some fines might have washed away via an assummed drain tile and settled.
Stone backfill should be capped with a semi-permiable soil to prevent that from happening and sloped away from the foundation.


What is that continuous flashing that I see 7 courses up and vertical flashing to the left.
Makes no sense to me as to why it is there.
What are those goose neck PVC discharges about?:):wink:

I agree with your suggestion about the gravel.

That continuous flashing is a gas line…oh wait, perhaps its a lintel:twisted::wink:

Maybe I should of put my glasses on HUH! :wink:

Yes, we do have dogs in Canada and we also have leash laws :slight_smile: So I am thinking why would the pet owner let their dog do something like that to a house, unless the dog was not on leash and the owner was not around? I know that the owner does not have a dog not sure if the neighbours do. But yes, that is a possibility. When Roy said ‘animals’, I was more thinking along the lines of raccoon, beavers, skunks etc not pets :slight_smile:

That flashing is cable line (I believe).

As far as goose neck PVC discharges - I know the house have a high efficiency furnace and the other discharge is the exhaust for water heater. I dont remember what else was there but I can find out.

What’s going on above? Gutter spill-over, no gutters, etc.?

Was there a gas appliance on the second floor, perhaps a (gas) dryer?

The house has a walkout basement. There is about 5 steps to the main entrance door and then there is a little landing area and a small room. There is then about 5 more steps to the main floor where the washer and dryer is located. I am not sure if it is gas or electric.

Sorry guys, I dont have much info. on this. Me and my wife were on our way out which is when this was mentioned to me on the exterior.

Yeah, that is just settling. Remember that they dig up the entire site to put in foundation and usually don’t compact everything that well. If the hous was 10 years old and all of a sudden this started then maybe be concerned but this happens often w/ new construction. GL.

I see 3/4" clean agragate to fill the void left by the excavation. The void should go the the footing. Because the photo is so close the image is incomplete to me.
As for the brick shelf flashing.
The foundation could have been prepared for another veneer but they went with brick at the end. The shelf is that high. Behind the lower brick the foundation still is there. No need to weep vent the starting course and six cousres ontop of that.
Just a guess.
Is the building metal post and beam construction. A condo maybe.?
The flashing turns 90% up the wall just before a wall angle change. Expantion joint.
Is it a large structure.
Love to see more photos.