Whats with the gravel

This 1915 house has these areas of gravel under the furnace, support column and floor. What the heck is with the gravel and what did the try to accomplish.

The realtor said they had a water proofing system installed. I say this is some thing that I have never seen.

The foundation wall was cracked and had some significant movement. The base of the wallhad 70% moisture. The yard looked like the amazon and the exterior grading was a F.


67606 Cleveland 029 (Small).jpg

67606 Cleveland 033 (Small).jpg

not too sure about the gravel, but i’d worry about the full lenghth check split in that 4x4 column. not too strong now.

So is that a b … a … a bais … bazem … a behsmen … beysmaint … a basement?


I did report about the column and the foundation wall that had a horizontal crack with significant movement and there was also a lot of other problems.

Not sure about what was done with the gravel.


I wouldn’t want my furnace with return air sitting over an open patch in the floor pulling in soil gases.

As to the column, checking does not weaken the column.

Yes Russell, that is what is commonly referred to as a basement. I realize the rarity of the species in your neck of the woods but us lesser mortals around here have to deal with these critters all the time. They have been known to jump up and bite you when you least expect it. Usually benign however they have been considered a usefull animal to hide all kinds of things. The list is too long to get in to but suffice it to say I would rather inspect a basement than a slab or crawl space any day. I hope this somewhat clarifies the species.

I wouldn’t want the return in the same room as the furnace period. Let the flue clog slightly and you’ll be sending exhaust gasses through the home.

Interesting basements you guys have up there in cold weather land!