Foundation crack, house 4 sale eh

Great white NORTH eh…

SUPPOSEDLY, there’s a crack…umm, maybe you could SHOW us this supposed crack on the inside of basement or outside BUTT umm, you need to remove that DIMPLED junk ta do so. #-o#-o#-o

Apparently not to deep eh.
Guess what they backfill with? :mrgreen: …yeah.
Umm, say again, IF there is a leak here (a crack etc) then why not show us.

It is possible that there is NO crack and water is entering through a different opening such as an opening above grade or a crack etc further–away from this area etc. Hmmmm :mrgreen:.

Its possible one can see a crack on the inside of basement and they may incorrectly assume THAT is the problem, not knowing the outside of duh wall was done (not the best but done before). Yeah, its also possible the junk membrane etc IS still OK and the water is entering elsewhere.

A water-test done right would show/prove where the supposed problem-leak is.

Would NEVER have gone over the dimpled junk, should have come off in order to seal the supposed crack…BEST. Got that? And again, backfill with same clay soil? Okie dokie.

This is why SOME exterior jobs do NOT ‘last’ long or continue to leak.
Backfilling w/same crap or using a membrane or possibly, nobody has yet found,correctly identified the actual problem(s).

And to you young uns who are doing the work,digging like this and very likely NOT making much money…eh, yer boss apparently hasn’t told you or doesn’t give a shtt but DON’T put the soil,clay right next to the hole your digging. It can,could help cause a CAVE IN. Yeah, this job not a lot of soil but still, the added weight can cause a cave in. A) you could get hurt or worse B) even if you don’t get hurt ya still gotta dig it back out, never fun.

Whitby, ON
L1M 1A5… Just east of Toronto

TY Mr Cooke, hope your well man.