Anybody From Illinois?

Hello, anybody on here for illinois local ? I don’t see any from illinois . If so im in southern Illinois.

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Welcome Kyle! :slight_smile:


Kyle, this is your first post so it is no surprise that you don’t see anyone from Illinois…yet.

So, welcome to our forum and, if you participate, you will see inspectors from your state.

Enjoy! :smile:

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Is this you Kyle? There are lot of members from Illinois. Through many do not post here as much as they used to.

That is not me . Im from carterville,il .

Have you ever let someone do the ride alongs to meet the required 5 inspections Illinois requires? Im looking for someone to let me do the ride alongs?

Hello all. The IDFPR has new rules for the 5 field events. It’s not just a ride a long. You can only do one inspection per day and you do have to write a report with each supervised inspection that you do. I do offer those 5 field events. Please feel free to contact me if you want some help.

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Welcome back to our forum, after two years, Charles. Enjoy!..and we could use your knowledge/sharing. :smile:

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