Anyone ever found a Dead Body in attic or crawlspace???

Now, this would add a interesting twist to your inspection… can you imagine coming across a dead body hidden in an attic or crawlspace!!!

I am sure that it has happened to at least one inspector out there! NACHI Inspector or not, I am sure it has happened…

I’m surely no Inspector, but if I was and I came across something like that, I would call it a career.

No, Ben, I think you would call it a “cadaver”.:wink:

Home Inspectors have their own special bumper stickers.

"Mother In Law In The Attic"

I expected nothing less than a witty response from you, Mr. Bushart. Well done.

There is no such thing as a mother-n-law… the correct term like the movie is… “MONSTER-N-LAW”

I am yet to experience that for myself. One day maybe. Maybe :wink:

I found a dead cat in a crawlspace once. Apparently, the cat got trapped in there when the owners covered all the vents with plywood. Also found a freshly-swollen possum in an attic, only a few days after work had been finished on some water-damaged soffit and fascia. Found a dead armodillo in a flower bed. Worst of all, a dead dog, still chained, out back of a manufactured home that had been repossessed. Do these qualify, or are we just talking about dead humans?:mrgreen:

Mine, I died in an attic once.

Inspected a house once which was resident to a mass sexual killer, (young boys), the police gave it a going over because there was freshly repaired cement floor. They found one body in a dump and the other body in the field.

Another time when I just started out I inspected a farm and there were dead pigs and sheep in the barn, which also happen to house the well. It was a mess, will never forget it.

My own home was also occupied by a mass murderer on the lamb, when the home was a weekend home of a former Provincial court judge. They finally caught him BC stocking his next victim.

I found one in 2002 in the crawl space. He went down stairs to change the furnace and had a heart attack.

I would’ve taken early retirement. And moved to a new house. Sounds like something out of a James Patterson book :wink:

Found a dead body floating in the Colorado River just below Needles, CA several years back. As we got closer to the floating object we could tell it was a body. I heard a thud in the boat, turned around to see my wife had passed out cold. Fishing never quite felt the same in that area. What a day…

I once, alone, inspected a house where, in the attic, were boxes (the clear plastic kind) that were filled with skeletons and bones. Not ashamed to say I wet myself! Couldn’t decide whether to call the police or the FBI. Several people knew about the bones, but didn’t feel the need to warn me.

It turns out the deceased owner was an amateur archeaologist and had the proper permissions to own and display the ancient Mayan skeletal treasures.

Believe it or not, the deal fell through… and I bought the house! Still own it! The rest of the story is even more unbelievable.



I remember reading a post on either Nachi or Inspection news where the inspector found a dead body in a car that was located in the garage.

That would be something I hope I never have to deal with.

I really don’t care for dead bodies.

Heck, I don’t even care for a lot of live ones I’ve known…

Dead body’s NOOOOO

That is how I taught myself to run fast when I was about 13 years old I had to walk 3/4 of a mile to catch the school bus every day.
Someone had dumped a body in a trash pile along this road down into a large ditch. The police had taken the body away and I never observed it and did not want to at that age.

Every day when I walked up to that trash pile I would run as fast as I could to get past it coming and going to the bus. I could have been a track star if we had lived there very long:)

I found a grave under the crawl space of a 1940’s house a couple of years back. I didnt stick around long enough to see who was buried there. When I showed the picture to the buyer, he decided against the home

Found a dead Raccoon once. Does that count?

Human skeletal remains found in Riverside home

Updated 1 hr 35mins ago


Human remains found in a Riverside home maybelong to a squatter not seen for several months.

The remains were found Friday in the home in the 6100 block of Bowling GreenStreet around 1:45 p.m. during a home inspection.

The home has been vacant for several years, and investigators believe theremains may be those of a homeless individual who had been living inside theproperty. That individual has not been seen for several months.

Investigators did say the individual appeared to die of natural causes.

No other details have been released.