Anyone ever inspect same home twice?

Just another inspection to me.
Never shortcut the inspection. You never know what changes have taken place. Some good. Some not-so-good!


Anyone doing this for a while has.Agree above.

Yep, did a 2 flat 3 times in 6 weeks last year. :smiley:

Just don’t tell your two clients about each other or that you’ve been there before (for the first client).

I’ve inspected the same house on the same day for two clients and had to fake that I wasn’t there earlier that day (that’s information that would harm your first client and you may not reveal that to your second client).

Nick, I have done the same. Agree with you. Do the job, get paid twice.

Two different inspections two different agreements! I had one last year on the same house.

1 house / cabin, 5 times so far. Individual inspections. Full fees. Probably inspect it 1 or 2 more times before I retire. Not a lot of inspectors want to go to this mountain community. :smiley:

Several times. I always revealed to my second Buyer that I’ve been to the house previously and I will re-inspect the house as if it was my first time there. Most of these reinspected homes had the same major issue that my first Buyer walked from.

I did one house on the same day where the second client passed the first client about a block away. I was putting away tools for the first client and getting them out for the second client…that was close and funny. I almost started talking about a defect, that I knew was there, before we could see it with the second client. :shock:

Buyers compete for homes on the market. Be careful not to tell the second client that another potential buyer was so interested in the home that they hired you. That would be revealing private information about your first client to your second client. Information that specifically disadvantages your first client.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I appreciate it very much.

5 times is my record. Flip house that kept getting worse. Friday I have a mold/radon on a house I inspected for another client a few months ago. The new client called me up and started trying to ask me about my report. I told him I would have to inspect it again, as my previous report has expired. He ended up hiring another inspector to do the inspection, but still hired me to do the mold and radon. Oh well, still another house that keeps on giving!


Nick and members,
If you do the same inspection in a back to back manner, or relatively close that no repairs were made or other alterations, and a defect is found on the second inspection that was not originally found and noted in the first, do you correct or amend you report to the first?

NO You will never find all the faults in a home in the time we have to do an Inspection .
People some times asked about our guarantee .
I said I guarantee to miss some thing in this inspection, this always got a chuckle .
You try to never miss the big things .

No need to open a can of worms on first inspection. That deal never went through. The first Buyers already walked if you’re there a second time.

So why worry about an addendum on a sale that fell through?

Exactly…A new client a new report.


I once inspected the same townhouse twice within a 72 hour period.

I was by myself for both inspections and it was a vacant property. Easy money…

I always am transparent .
If the first deal fell through I might even ask the first client what happened as part of my due diligence and tell my second client that I will be checking everything all over again but might find new issues or see extra structural movement as compared to the first report which means it actually takes longer to do the report but I will hold the fee and not charge anything extra.